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Roof Soft Washing

Our roof cleaning process

  1. Your landscaping will be protected! The ultimate protection is to have an experienced applicator doing the cleaning so that the solution only gets on the roof. This takes skill and training
  2. The next level in protection is to have one person whose only job is to keep your plants wet so that any overspray will be completely diluted. A quality job cannot be done by one person
  3. Your property will be looked at to see how to properly handle the cleaning solution runoff from your roof. In most cases we use long poly-bags to collect and dispose of any solution that comes out of your downspout
  4. Our team will use ladder stand offs to lean the ladder against the roof, not your gutters, to make sure our team is safe and your gutters aren’t damaged
  5. Your roof will be sprayed with a solution that is custom made while at your house that is just right for your roof’s needs. Your roof will look new, in most cases, before you even get a chance to take a look
  6. Your plants, house, furniture, etc will be rinsed off 
  7. You will be invited to inspect the job to make sure it’s a 5 star worth cleaning